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How Much Does Changing Your Name Cost?

It's possible to use the deed poll process to change your name for free, but it is very unlikely that will be the case for you.

However, this does not mean it will cost you a small fortune to change your name.

It simply means that there is likely to be some small fees you'll need to pay in order to legally have your name changed, such as the application for a new passport.

This article will walk you through the costs of changing your name by deed poll.

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The true cost of changing your name

When you are trying to understand the cost of changing your name, you need to look past the cost of the deed poll document itself as there in most cases, a few other larger costs.

If you plan on travelling abroad in the future, you'll need to update your passport to reflect your name change, which costs a minimum of £72.50 per adult.

You need to consider other costs such as postage fees, which can mount up depending on how you notify record holders.

The biggest cost when changing your name, is with your time. You can spend hours a day notifying companies and organisations, but our solution makes this much quicker and easier for you.

When using our services, it will cost you £12.99 to change your name by deed poll. If you choose to purchase additional legal copies, these are £1-£2 each depending on how many you order.

Are the deed polls you draft legal?

Yes, 100% legal and in fact they carry the exact same legal affect as change of name deed documents drafted by solicitors or indeed yourself should you know the wording and structure.

Providing the wording is accruate and the structure of the deed is correct then it could be written on a plain piece of paper and still be sufficient evidence.

However, people like paying for something that looks nice and professional that they can be proud of and keep safe in storage for future use.

That is exactly what our service provides. We'll professionally draft your deed poll on high-quality paper and provide you with detailed instructions to help you change your name quickly and easily.

Do I need a solicitor to draft my deed poll?

You don't legally need a solicitor to change your name, but many people still choose to do so as they know that the documents they receive are genuine and will be accepted with all organisations.

People are becoming more savvy and streetwise, which involves more searching around for a better deal, and believe us, there are much better ways to change your name than by using a solicitor.

There is no reason to spend that kind of money when we can draft you the exact same document and provide you with more detailed instructions throughout for just £12.99.

  • We're £75 cheaper than most solicitors
  • Free postage within 2 working days
  • Clear and detailed instructions
  • Free personalised cover letter included

Why are you cheaper than most other providers?

We don't have celebrity endoresments or fancy offices space that costs thousands of pounds that ultimately gets passed on to you, the customer.

There are no excessive costs for us to pass on to you and therefore we price our service at a level that is affordbale to most people.

We use high-quality paper and provide free Royal Mail postage within 2 working days to ensure you receive a low-cost but efficient service.

If you are looking for a service that is more about the fancy casing around your documents instead of the substance and efficiency, then you may be better off with another service.

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Where will my deed poll be accepted?

We provide you with an acceptance guarantee, which means that no matter which records you need to update, such as your passport or driving license, you'll have no issues.

  • Government
  • DVLA
  • Passport
  • Banks
  • Education
  • Utilites